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Our Approach to Bakery

Pecan Oven; It comes to life by putting people in its focus. While protecting health, we attach great importance to the production of real bread that will inflame the sense of taste.

We produce using sourdough, a product of the knowledge of the past. We are proud to bring the food we produce to our loved ones. We avoid using ready-made and high-additive materials. We believe that “real” bread should consist entirely of pure grain flour, water and sourdough.

Click here to reach our sourdough breads and completely natural products with their special flavors only for us.

How Do We Ensure Sustainability?

Sustainability; It is the state of being permanent of an idea or formation. It is to ensure continuity not only for today but also for the future.

As the Pikan Fırın family, we believe that bread should be made with sustainable methods. We believe that the sustainability of bread lies in the sourdough that has been used since the beginning of history.

Our sourdough breads are made with flour and a little water from the seeds that contain all the richness of the soil. It is natural and additive free. The traditional bread method underlying our production is a legacy that can be used not only today but also in the future.

Delicious Tastes at Pikan Bakery!


Pikan'da Kahve Keyfi: Lezzet Dolu Bir Mola

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Pikan Fırın'ın Ekşi Maya Simitiyle Yaratıcı Tarifler

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Pikan Fırın'ın Sağlıklı ve Lezzetli Kahvaltı Seçenekleri

Sabahın erken saatleri, güne enerjik bir başlangıç yapmanın zamanıdır. Pikan Fırın, sağlıklı ve lezzetli kahvaltı seçenekleriyle sizi günün her saati ağırlamaya hazır....