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What is Sourdough?

It is produced with sourdough flour and water that adds flavor to freshly baked breads. It is formed as a result of a natural fermentation. It contains thousands of lactic acid bacteria and beneficial organisms for the human body. In this respect, it is almost like a health cocktail.

Sourdough is indispensable for healthy and fluffy pastries that satisfy both the eyes and the stomach.

Our sourdoughs, which we call Nazlı and Cumhur, give all our sourdough products a flavor unique to Pikan Fırın.

What are the Benefits?

The nutritional values ​​of sourdough vary according to the recipe used by the manufacturer. In general, it is rich in potassium, protein, carbohydrates, calcium and iron.

Contains minerals, vitamins and probiotics. It has various benefits such as protecting cardiovascular health, relieving digestion and strengthening immunity.

In addition, sourdough one of the hormones of happiness; Contains melatonin. It keeps you full and does not cause problems such as cholesterol and blood pressure. Since it is easily digested, it does not cause indigestion.

Let's get you here for more details.

Why Is Our Bread Special?

Pikan Bakery's breads are completely handcrafted. Our breads that we produce using the bread making method that has been going on since ancient times; It is fermented with our own special recipe.

Our signature flavor is our special sourdough breads.

Real bread is natural bread. We ferment our meticulously prepared real breads in a natural process. Our special sourdoughs, Nazlı and Cumhur, also add special flavors to our products. This means: You won't find the taste of Pikan Bakery Sourdough Bread anywhere else.

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